Bring Computer Science to your classroom

With Project STEM and Amazon Future Engineer

If you are a middle school administrator or teacher interested in expanding access to computer science at your school, we encourage you to apply today.

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Amazon Future Engineer is a comprehensive childhood-to-career program aimed at increasing access to computer science education for children and young adults from underserved and underrepresented communities.

Computer Science is Changing Everything

Computers are a part of every aspect of life, even in areas you don't immediately realize.  Learning about computer science will open understanding to a world that's already around you.

Computer Science is for Everyone

Our world is increasingly driven by technology and software, so we all need to know the creative, problem-solving power of computer science. This is especially important to students who will lead the way in our shared future.


Here are just some of the resources all participants get from Project STEM and Amazon Future Engineer.


All student course materials, including videos and assessments, along with lesson plans, slides and more.


7-day/week curriculum Q&A with teaching assistants and a dedicated school partnership manager.

Professional Development

Online PD courses explore curriculum and teaching strategies for new and experienced teachers alike.

Career Connections

Connect in-person or virtually with an Amazon employee, or take a field trip to a nearby fulfillment center.

Inspiration Kits

Posters, hallway banners, t-shirts, and stickers are just some of the cool things you’ll find in your Welcome kit.

CSTA+ Membership

Join your local CS community and get valuable resources, discounts, and professional development to your teaching practice.


Grade 6+

CS Explorations 1: MyCS Scratch


CS Fundamentals in Scratch

CS Explorations 1 is an introductory course based on the MyCS Scratch curriculum that empowers students to engage with computer science as a medium for creativity, communication, problem solving, and fun. Through a series of real world scenarios, projects and challenges, students are introduced to foundational concepts that they will return to repeatedly throughout the course.

Grade 7+

CS Explorations 2: AI in our World


Artificial Intelligence

CS Explorations 2 is an introductory course based on MIT AI curricular resources for K-12 designed to help students explore AI and it’s far-reaching societal impacts in our world. The course is designed around engaging activities and learning units that integrates CS and computational thinking concepts with ethical design and responsible use, as students explore how these technologies can help solve problems and improve life for themselves and their communities.

Grade 8+

CS Explorations 3: CS and Creative Media


CS and Creative Media

CS Explorations 3 is an introductory CS course designed to support the transition from block-based to text-based programming in Python, through engaging learning units and projects that explores CS through the lens of music, movies, innovative tools including Earsketch music app, and physical computing with Microbits, as a means for creative and social expression.

High School

CS Python Fundamentals

Open Enrollment

About the Course

CS Python Fundamentals is an introductory-level course for students brand new to programming and computer science. In this course, students will learn problem-solving strategies, software design, and the foundations of computer science using two key tools: the Project STEM programming environment and EarSketch, a software package that turns your code into music.

High School

AP Computer Science Principles

Open Enrollment

About the Course

In this engaging, project-based course, students develop computational thinking and programming skills through collaborative, open-ended projects that are personally meaningful to students’ lives.

High School

AP Computer Science A

Open Enrollment

About the Course

This course was designed to awaken and support students’ problem solving skills. The course will introduce the Java programming language while emphasizing universal language techniques like syntax, semantics and readability. Students will gain mastery in programming concepts by using a subset of Java features that are required for the AP Computer Science A exam, including abstraction, algorithms, data structures, and object-oriented programming. This allows the student to understand and master important concepts that will apply to programming problems in many additional languages.


This program was designed for teachers with any level of computer science experience.

Timeline Arrow
New to Computer Science

“We wouldn’t be doing this class without Amazon…I could never create a curriculum myself and there is no one else in our school to teach this! It’s changed everything.”


Essex County, MA

New to the Classroom, But Not New to 
Computer Science

“I am the only technology teacher. So if I can’t offer this course, kids can’t take it. I want to prepare them for the real world, teach them social skills, problem solving, and collaboration. This program is allowing me to do that.”


Jefferson County, MO

Computer Science 

“Having this program through Amazon has made things incredibly easy for me. The students can move at their own pace. Everyone feels like they’re being challenged at their appropriate level.”


Bexar County, TX



All student course materials, including videos and assessments, along with lesson plans, slides and more.

What subjects do students like "a lot"?

Students enjoy computer science and 
the arts the most!

Computing jobs are the #1 source of new wages in the United States.

These jobs are in every industry and every state, and they’re projected to grow at twice the rate of all other jobs.

Students who take AP Computer Science in high school are 8x more likely to take computer science in college.


Six different studies show: children who study computer science...

perform better in other subjects

excel at 
problem solving

are 17% more likely to 
attend college

Women who try AP Computer Science in high school are 10x more likely to major in CS in college. Black and Hispanic students are 7x more likely.

A computer science major can earn 
40% more than the college average.

*Net present value today


This is our jumping off point. This is the boost we needed to start to make this a pathway. We want to get as many kids in these classes as we can, and give them options for what kinds of [CS] classes they can take.


Cook County, IL

It really just means a lot to know that Amazon even notices or cares about what we’re doing here. It tells my students that they matter, that what they learn is important, and that they can do things they never thought they could do. I can’t wait to see where it goes from here.

Webster County, MO

...Our next step will be to create more classes for additional grades  and  just keep growing and sustaining this program.  We want to see if every student could take a course like this before graduating.


Marathon County, WI


Everyone is encouraged to apply.

For Teachers

No previous computer science experience or training required. Teachers should be comfortable organizing, analyzing, and representing data. Teachers should be confident dealing with complexity and open-ended problems.

For Schools

Schools should have one teacher interested in teaching and at least one student interested in taking computer science. Schools should make provisions for students and teachers, including a desktop or laptop computer with reliable internet access.


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