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AP Computer Science Principles

Inspire and challenge your students to explore how computing and technology can impact the world.

Grade Level

Appropriate for high school students

Student Pre-Requirements

No prior computer science knowledge or experience is necessary

Teacher Requirements

All experience levels (No prior computer science knowledge or experience is necessary)

About the course

In this engaging, project-based course, students develop computational thinking and programming skills through collaborative, open-ended projects that are personally meaningful to students’ lives.

Students examine how computing shapes our society by investigating and debating issues such as cybersecurity, data privacy, and digital literacy.

Assignments grow in complexity as students explore programming concepts first through block-based, drag-and-drop coding in Scratch, followed by text-based coding in Python. This innovative course is designed to engage all students, while also providing rigorous preparation for the AP Computer Science Principles exam.


The year-long course consists of seven units, carefully structured to guide novice students through the study of computational technology. Each unit is sequenced to first establish a context for course material, then teaching the core skills for creating and using computational tools, followed by demonstrating real-world applications of digital technology, and finally allowing students to exhibit skills they have developed.

Unit 1

Computational Thinking

Unit 2


Unit 3

Data Representation

Unit 4

Digital Media Processing

Unit 5

Big Data

Unit 6

Innovative Technologies

Unit 7

The AP Exam


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