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CS Python Fundamentals

An introductory course for students that teaches the basics of programming and computer science.

Grade Level

Appropriate for high school students

Student Pre-Requirement

No prior computer science knowledge or experience is necessary

Teacher Requirements

No prior computer science knowledge or experience is necessary

About the course

CS Python Fundamentals is an introductory-level course for students brand new to programming and computer science. In this course, students will learn problem-solving strategies, software design, and the foundations of computer science using two key tools: the Project STEM programming environment and EarSketch, a software package that turns your code into music.

Not only will this course prepare students for continuing their studies in computer science (for example, by taking AP Computer Science A and AP Computer Science Principles), but it will also teach them how to think like a scientist and solve real-world problems, skills that are important to every 21st-century citizen.

There are no prerequisites for this course, although students should have basic familiarity with how to operate a computer and use applications. It's also recommended that students have familiarity with basic algebra principles before starting this course.


This course teaches the fundamentals of computer science and basic programming.

Unit 1

Beginning in Computer Science

Unit 2

Number Calculations and Data

Unit 3

Making Decisions

Unit 4

Repetition and Loops

Unit 5

Programming in EarSketch

Unit 6


Unit 7


Unit 8


Unit 9

2D Arrays

Unit 10

Programming in EarSketch

Unit 11



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