Professional Development
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Teaching AP CS A

Preparing instructors of all experience levels to teach AP Computer Science A


40 hours


No prior computer science or technology teaching experience required.

Supplemental Course

AP Computer Science A

About the course

This professional learning program will provide you with the information and resources you need to effectively facilitate the AP CSA course in a blended learning environment at your school. This program includes:

  • A comprehensive overview of the components and features of the AP CSA curriculum
  • An exploration of the key coding concepts introduced in the AP CSA course, including diagnostic assessments, tutorial videos, auto-graded coding practices, indicators of common misconceptions, and strategies for instructional implementation
  • A deep dive into the AP CSA course and exam requirements
  • Robust resources and activities that explore the dynamic role and responsibilities of the AP CSA teacher, preparing you to facilitate the lessons and projects, use and respond to assessments, and customize the AP CSA course to meet your students' unique needs

While taking this course, teachers will have access to the Computer Science Fundamentals course and Project STEM’s extensive support resources.


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